Instrument Disinfectant

A 20 Instrument Disinfectant – Multi-purpose & fast-acting

Aldehyde-free concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of instruments, including rotating instruments of metal, plastics such as PE, PP, for example.
Tested efficacy with broad activity spectrum against bacteria, yeasts and a large number of viruses. Limited virucidal activity (enveloped viruses including HBV, HCV, HIV as well as coronaviruses). noroviruses, polyomaviruses.
VAH list. Tested under high organic load in accordance with DVV/RKI Guideline, EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 14348, EN 14476, EN 14561, EN 14562, EN 14563, EN 17111.
Economical due to its low application concentration.
The service life of the working solution is at most 14 days.
Economical 10-litre bulk canister
(yields 500 litres ready-to-use solution),
Carton of 6 1-litre bottles
(yield 300 litres ready-to-use solution)
Carton of 2 1-litre bottles
(yield 100 litres ready-to-use solution)

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