Hand Hygiene / Hand Disinfection

Experts assume that up to 80 % of all infections are transmitted via the hands. For this reason hand hygiene is particularly important in infection prophylaxis. And so that hands and skin are not too harshly stressed in daily professional life, skin protection should also be systematically observed. Our surface disinfectants are also active against EHEC bacteria.

C 20 Hand + Skin Disinfectant
Free from colorants and perfumes

HD 410 Hand Disinfectant
Skin-care and lubricating product

Chirosyn Hand Disinfectant
Virucidal and lubricating

C 45 Wash lotion
Economical skin-care product
C 50 Lotion
Absorbs quickly, non-greasy

C 60 Skin Protection Foam
With long-term skin-protecting effect

C 85 Hand Disinfection
Fast-acting & lubricating Ready-to-use solution