Disinfectants for Dialysis centres

For dialysis centres, the oro® Hygienesystem offers safe infection protection for patients and personnel with disinfectants that are included in the VAH list, RKI list and IHO disinfectants list.

Instrument disinfection
A 20 Instrument Disinfectant
Multi-purpose & fast-acting

Surface disinfection
B 15 Wipe Disinfectant
Highly active against all viruses
B 15 Disinfection Wipes
Fast-acting – alcohol-free
B 20 Wipe Disinfectant
Universal & economical
B 33 Quick-acting Disinfectant
fast-acting & highly active against all viruses!
B 33 Disinfection Wipes
Fast acting & highly active
B 40 Quick-acting Disinfectant
Ready to use & residue-free
B 45 Quick-acting Disinfectant
Ready to use - for use on sensitive surfaces
B 45 Disinfection Wipes
For use on sensitive surfaces
B 60 Disinfection Wipes
Practical for use on small surfaces
Hand hygiene
C 20 Hand + Skin Disinfectant
Free from colorants and perfumes
HD 410 Hand Disinfectant
Skin-care and lubricating product
Chirosyn Hand Disinfectant
Virucidal and lubricating
C 45 Wash lotion
Economical skin-care product
C 50 Lotion
Absorbs quickly, non-greasy
C 85 Hand Disinfection
Fast-acting & lubricating

D 10 Disinfectant for Suction Systems
Also for use with inhalation apparatus


Further products are available here especially for housekeeping and kitchen.
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