Disinfectants for Emergency Rescue and Fire Responder Services

For emergency rescue and fire responder Services, the oro® Hygienesystem offers safe protection against the special infection hazard during ambulance transport and emergency rescue. The disinfectants are included in the VAH list, RKI list and IHO disinfectants list. They have extensive efficacy against hazardous disease pathogens (such as MRSA, HBV, HCV, HIV, noroviruses)

Instrument disinfection
A 20 Instrument Disinfectant
Multi-purpose & fast-acting

Surface disinfection
B 15 Wipe Disinfectant
Highly active against all viruses
B 15 Disinfection Wipes
Fast-acting – alcohol-free
B 20 Wipe Disinfectant
Universal & economical
B 33 Quick-acting Disinfectant
fast-acting & highly active against all viruses!
B 33 Disinfection Wipes
Fast acting & highly active
B 40 Quick-acting Disinfectant
Ready to use & residue-free
B 45 Quick-acting Disinfectant
Ready to use - for use on sensitive surfaces
B 45 Disinfection Wipes
For use on sensitive surfaces
B 60 Disinfection Wipes
Practical for use on small surfaces
Hand hygiene
C 20 Hand + Skin Disinfectant
Free from colorants and perfumes
HD 410 Hand Disinfectant
Skin-care and lubricating product
Chirosyn Hand Disinfectant
Virucidal and lubricating
C 45 Wash lotion
Economical skin-care product
C 50 Lotion
Absorbs quickly, non-greasy
C 85 Hand Disinfection
Fast-acting & lubricating

D 10 Disinfectant for Suction Systems
Also for use with inhalation apparatus


Further products are available here especially for housekeeping and kitchen.
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