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We develop, manufacture and package private label disinfectants, cleaning agents and healthcare products to your own order!


You would like a tailor-made product solution for individual requirements?
We will advise you personally    

We support you in the implementation of your product idea. Our decades of experience and extensive know-how are at your disposal. Our core activities are product development, manufacturing and packaging to the customer’s order. And of course you can pick and choose from our wide range of services to suit your requirements.

Research & Development

You want a new disinfectant, cleaner or essential oil for healthcare?
We offer innovative formulas    

Our highly-motivated and skilled R&D team develop chemical products to your specifications. We will create innovative and customized products in close consultation with you. And we’ll look at your existing products and make sure they keep on getting better.

Product registration

We undertake the listing, registering and documentation for your Private Label product – be it a medical device, biocide or cosmetic    

Listing highly effective disinfectants, registering biocides and medical devices as well as compiling product documentation are part of the core tasks performed by our experts. They will complete these tasks for you – efficiently and professionally – while taking current laws and regulations into consideration.


Thanks to the latest process equipment, we manufacture liquid products of all kinds    

You’ve got a potential bestseller but lack production capacity? That’s where we come in. Thanks to the latest process equipment, we manufacture liquid products of all kinds. Whatever your needs you’ll find we have the answer. The right answer. At the right time.


Be it wet wipes or liquid products – state-of-the-art equipment is available for filling your brand    

Your brainchild is ready for bottling – but where to go? Let orochemie do the job for you. Fast and efficiently thanks to our innovative filling machines.
No matter what your favourite containers look like, tell us how much you need and we will fill them "just in time".


We offer you the suitable solution for your particular requirements for packaging, labeling or coding    

You require products in different-sized canisters, bottles, jars or tubs? You desire special labels, product codings or packaging? Fully automated filling lines, packaging machines, labeling and coding devices are available to fulfil your product requirements.


We deliver your orders reliably, quickly and on time    

When? How many? Where? Just tell us!
Thanks to perfect logistics, orochemie can supply your products exactly the way you need them. But that’s not all. We ensure the punctual procurement, storage, control and processing of your raw materials.

Quality Assurance

Our analysis and microbiology departments perform the required product inspections for you    

Not only production-related inspections, such as incoming and outgoing quality control, are carried out on our site. Due to our extensive know-how, as part of product development, we also offer microbiological tests as well as stability, stress or material compatibility tests.

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